Publicat pe 19 iun. 2019
4/10 experience.
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-emma chamberlain


  • Emma: it’s 80° out it’s soooo hot 🥵 Me: lives in Arizona No hate

  • Emma: it’s probably ringworm... My armpit: *gets itchy* Me: OMG MOM I HAVE RINGWORM

  • let’s just express how happy I was when I saw you on my frickin tv for vidcon I instantly got my phone out and filmed it! 🥳GO EMMA💓

  • I was just sent this video Kuz my friends think we are the same person lol she’s pretty cool

  • hi emma i love you you are the best thanks ok bye!! :) :)


  • I just discovered you and wanted to see this video because of the mention in one of your podcasts.

  • This is my first time watching your videos. Love you already❤️. Subbed😁

  • is that a lounge behind her? yet she slept on the ground

  • why is it not dark at 8pm

  • Living in my car for 24 hours

  • Emma you are such a mood oml😂❤️

  • 8:29 joana ceddia is quacking😂

    • @XoJessica i like em both

    • Joana caddia is way better

  • Is it just me and Emma or does anyone always call their sleeping bag their suitcase and vise versa

  • dude i call me sleeping bag "suitcase" by accident too #twinsies

  • “ 😳ThAt 1S n0t A FuCKIng SUiT CAsE!!😳” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My guy, I’m dead🤣🤣

  • 2:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 me everyday

  • Emma! U look so pretty in braids!!!

  • honestly why haven’t the twins and emma done a challenge together yet?! i was think gray would be mad that she didn’t use the directions hahaha. SORRY BUT THE RX BARS ARE SO DISGUSTING OOP

  • No one: Nobody: Emma: i HaTe THaT tEnT

  • Emma: trying to put up her tent me: does she have a fireplace on her balcony? love ya emma

  • Your podcast is sooooo good!!!

  • Emma chamberlain = coffee /swearing /lip balm / bun/ ponytail/ comfy clothe

  • $40 for a hoodie I just cant understand, is there a Champion logo on it? Nike? I just don't get it. But I did like the vid lol! ❤

  • Can you hmu, if you know how to edit videos! I really need a editor 😭

  • the tent part is where grayson dolan would come in

  • Can you please put the pic of your face on merch or the pig or the alien.😂

  • Lowkey your balcony would be an amazing place to like chill and just have fun

  • emma: *omgihatethisiwannacrythissuckssomuchidkwhattodo* homeless people: girl bye-

  • *Starts drawing pizza hut logo for lips* Me: What is that Emma: my lips Me: I want pizza now

  • She’s relatable 😂😂

  • *starts raining*

  • You should react to kpop next video

  • i love emma because i relate to her so much lmfao.

  • lol she farted and she said she was traumatized by it lmao

  • We need a Holy Trinity camping video

  • no one; emma: sUiTcAsE

  • i love the bun

  • she looks like balloony

  • i’m investing in a sleeping bag now. thank you.

  • Emma:hates the word quirky Also Emma:Acts quirky

  • what is the furniture behind her and why didnt she use it to help herself? lmaoo and shw said she just has a short couch she still couldbe taken off the cushions and stuff and used that to sleep

  • No offence to Emma but she has some really boring ideas but she has the ability to make it interesting and keeps me hooked. Props to her ❤️

  • Hi

  • Was that a PLASTIC STRAW

  • now imma open my suitcase woah this suitcase is i wish i had my suitcase

  • the alien lowkey looked like ethan😂😂

  • Emma: I’m so prepared *2 seconds later* Emma: I didn’t plan

  • I want her to do 24 hours without coffee!! Anyone agree?!

  • Stay in the Dolan twins house without them knowing overnight! That sounds fun I guess😂🤷‍♀️