Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to

Publicat pe 15 nov. 2019
Zoomer goes on Dr Phil and its epic
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  • gays

  • He has 27k followers on Instagram, and she has half that amount. You are NOT RELEVANT guys, sorry.

  • The people say that they gived up on humanity will go to mars

  • I use mouth watch to clean the floors now

  • no, dont make tuber simulator irrelevant!

  • 🤮the daughter 🤮 rapping 🤮


  • This guy is plain stupid

  • I dont know who jeffrey barren is but I laughed my ass off at that comment

  • My kid isn't vaccinated and he is totally fine The kid:

  • The rapper girl was okay for me (she won scholarship doing her thing. Dropping off of school for dreams is okay, i guess) until the video said she tattooed something on her forehead. ok.

  • Is it just my phone or is there voices deeper

  • im just a stupid older boomer but god damn is it hilarious to watch these zoomers actually think there special and in reality everyone else is cringing.... Thank god for the the good zoomers out there otherwise id say we r so fucked...

  • Ok melins

  • This makes me so sick. My God. This world is on fire.

  • ‘so relevant’ and i haven’t even heard of them

  • the fact that the one girl gave up a full-ride scholarship for god awful rapping pains me. so many people would've wanted that or needed that but no. i just-

  • their voices and brain cells said 📉

  • I love how in an attempt to not get demonetised, felix has deepened the voice slightly, warped the video slightly and put a shaking background behind it. The effort this man goes to, to entertain us is mad.

  • People like this ruin the lgbtq+ community it’s creating more stereotypes I don’t want to be stereotyped as a dumbass bcuz I’m gay but it’s gonna be hard with them acting like the dumbasses of the century and them trying to “inspire” the lgbtq+ community it’s fucking dumb (talking about the first lgbtq+ ones)

  • It's funny how people got shitty on Twitter over Felix missidentifying a trans individual when the person in general is going around damaging property

  • ok zoomer

  • She's looks like a under developed human

  • i saw that Pew wanted to run with the death threats bit for a sec, but decided to move on AHHAHAH

  • its another bhadbhabie

  • Here before this vid’s one month old lmao I don’t know why

  • “I don’t have an ego” I see your point, boomers

  • Bruh i must say the Dr Phil videos are some of his best. Wish they were monotized so he could do more

  • 3:32 Sounds Like cartman to me. Exposed

  • The ego says he has no ego

  • And I hope that so called "relevant" kid goes to fricking hell and I'm keeping my profanity to myself at this point

  • I may be a zoomer to but they are just a bunch if idiots. I'm well known on alot of discord servers yet I'm not getting arrested.

  • i would rather listen to an 8 hour mp3 of forks scraping on plates than watch this video any longer bye pewds im sorry ill find another vid of yours to watch.

  • ''send him to jail and the ranch!'' i need this on a shirt

  • is pewds being transphobic though? he misgenders her a lot in the vid

    • No, he explained in a later video that it wasn't on purpose. Either way the kid deserves it for being an asshole.

  • *Stupid zoomers.*

  • I hate my generation

  • Progress.

  • Felix: “internet is bad” Me; “that’s your job”