Uber Drivers Share Gossip They've Overheard (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
Uber Drivers Share Gossip They've Overheard (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories)
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  • Thanks for watching everyone, share your stories below!

    • @Certain Interests Malawas are wild

    • Are many in dis case

    • I once picked up these two girls cause I was an Uber, everything was going good until they started to talk to my hostage in the trunk. Kids these days

    • Ey

  • The Australian thing still confused me

  • Oh my god my dad was a taxi driver and pulled the Deliverance thing.

  • I am an Uber driver in Austin, TX. While driving this woman tourist to her hotel, she got a call from her home. I've overheard the tourist have this conversation with who ever was on the other line, "Are they still outside?....Ok, do you know where the gun is?.....Yeah, in the drawer. Ok, the ammo is also there. Go get both the gun and the ammo, but don't load it yet [Julie]....there shouldn't be one in the chamber.....yes, if they knock on the door load it.....do you know how to turn the safety off?.....little switch.....yeah, ok good. Just sit downstairs by the door...." Dropped the passenger off before I found out how it ended. I also have dirt on Jeff Bazos involving $20,000,000, a falcon, and infidelity, but I'm keeping that to myself. ;)

  • These things are awesome and addictive. I laugh my ass off and you inspired me to DL Reddit

  • I’m kinda sad that most of these are passenger stories and not driver stories.

  • Thumbnail girl?

  • Who the girl in thumbnail

  • Proz-tee-toots doin’ droo-gus! 🤣

  • Pronounced year-rose not jirose. It's lamb in a peta bread.

  • This is why I tried to throw that darn Pikachu into the wall in my castle. You don’t know what he said...

  • Best Uber I ever got...we did the usual Uber shit, location, where we were going, etc etc. We get in this Minivan and the driver keeps asking "Where are you going?" and we keep going SOHO!!! And eventually he goes, "I cant take you there, but I can take you to the Candy Shop" his whole vehicle lights up with strobes and neon lights, 50 cents Candy Shop comes on, we all are dying laughing and just showering this dude in money for being the best Uber driver

  • 9 stroke 11

  • Love Reddit stories. Totally hate channels that use computerized voices. Couldn't even make it 10 seconds to the first video.

  • And then the dude dripped us off

  • Haven’t had time to watch since like yesterday and now I’m finally here🤩❤️

  • Fake Taxi

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  • What is the meaning of mail order bride

    • There are services that allow you to chose a wife, generally from asia or eastern Europe, and she will come to your country to be your wife. Most of them do it for money. You should check the AskReddit video on this subject. Some stories are quite sad but there is also some genuine wholesome stuff

  • My experience wasn’t a conversation that I overheard. But the passenger got in with a big suitcase. I’m driving and I hear some commotion coming from the back seat and I turn around. The girl is changing her clothes and she’s completely naked. She says “You’ve never had someone change in your car before?”

  • Why is Jasmine Chiquito on the cover here?

  • 6:18 Ok boomer.

  • You-ber!

  • Im not an uber driver but my moms friends auntys goldfish has a friends who works for uber

  • I picked up these 2 obese twins, both male, ending their workday at the Pentagon before Thanksgiving a few years ago. Their combined weight was enough to sink the car at least 2 inches. They were on their way to an upscale restaurant in Washington DC, but the afternoon traffic made the trip crawl to almost a standstill. As they were both excited to talk about what they would like to order, one of them made funny sexual jokes about the visiting Chinese secretary. The other twin also joked about how great looking she was, having a great figure and a tight butt. Both eventually remarked about how they made it into a competition to see who would get to grope her for once. All through the trip, I never said a word, but couldn't help joining in to share a few laughs. Then they went back to talking about how they'd love to have a good lobster and apple pie. I guess I stumbled upon a friendly moment from "Beltway Unbuckled".

  • I cant believe that this still has less than 10k views. BTW, i came here for the thumbnail girl. She's gorgeous.

  • I liked this Visio when I started the vid because I knew it was a great vidio

  • Am I the only person who’s wondering if an Uber driver is going to talk about some gossip they overheard you talking about while they were your Uber driver

    • Nobody's wondering, of course they'll gossip about you if you really stand out. Now I'm picturing some driver talking about their most boring fare. "He was unremarkable, didn't talk on his phone, thanked me politely and paid promptly. I don't remember anything else about him"

  • 🔥

  • My ex-husband had a chemistry degree. When meth became fashionable we joked constantly that he could make some pretty bomb-ass high quality meth in the lab, and no one would ever expect it, because he was such a straight laced, trustworthy guy. I was a bailbondsman, and a criminal justice major. But primarily, also a very clever, industrious problem solver for local politicians. I had a VERY good, cocaine addicted, disbarred lawyer I worked with. To they point if someone got in trouble and needed it handled discreetly and, uh, mutually beneficially, they'd say time to call Mike and Mari, as kind of an inside joke a shit storm was a'brewing. This was N.M. We lived in a town other than Albuquerque, but *still*. Then 20 years later Breaking Bad happened. I almost feel cheated, but not quite. 🙁


  • The girl in the thumbnail name is Julia rose

  • What is the music used in the background

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  • Those two dislikes are from the girl with the STD

  • My mom sister and grandma once got in the uber of a famous rapper down in orlando. They talked about shit and he was shouted out in the song blurred lines. it was pretty cool and I'm pretty bummed i Didn't get to be in that uber, plus they got burgers!

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