r/Choosingbeggars "I DESERVE YOUR MONEY!"

Publicat pe 7 dec. 2019
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r/Choosingbeggars These choosing beggars believe that everything you own belongs to them... including all of the money in your bank account! Who cares that you're selling the item for $20,000? Surely, you won't mind giving them a free $10,000 discount despite the fact that they're a total stranger and they're being rude to you. Be sure to subscribe for more Reddit videos!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • If you're watching this video I deserve all of your money

    • If i give u my money u hav to give me ur family cuz i'm homeless

    • rSlash You truly don’t know how hard a bus driver works. I felt bad and still do for my bus driver he puts up with horrible kids.

    • Other way 'round, as (Insert ep voice) I HAD TO WATCH YOUR VIDEOOOOO

    • No, but you can have all my likes..?

    • But I don't have any

  • "1. you must be a girl" darn, I identify as an octopus so im out

  • Your voice makes people choke.... stop talking

  • Love these videos...... Love the commentators patronising voice that's mimics the cb 😂😂😂

  • When he said: *shocked pikachu face* instead of *surprised pikachu face* *surprised pikachu face*

  • Has a INSANE Title Me: Thats gotta be FAKE *watchs vid* Me: NVM.

  • How can one be homeless and pay taxes on your phone

  • When someone says make me anything put all your beverages in one bottle and when the person in question doesn’t like it say oh sorry I thought you said EVERYTHING

  • B E T C H

  • Rslash just roasted the guy withe non fitting condoms. 👏 got some 👏 third 👏 degree 👏 burns

  • And Lowkey Subflex ❤️💎

  • Imagine getting the pure Christmas hero’s and you are such a disgusting person...

  • Omg the dude be like "I'm homeless so i want to buy ur expensive headphones through my phone cuz i have kids" Bro that's just stupid, i want to punch these people in their faces so hard my gosh

  • I've been watching your videos for like a month straight at least 120+ videos and i don't plan on stopping lmao

  • “I hope they make one small enough” R/murderedbywords

  • If someone offered drugs for services I would immediately contact police. That is an extreme felony. Please PLEASE always tell the police when someone does something illegal.

  • That one with the photography for free bagger gave me a better idea than not showing up. I would show up with a dirt cheap camera and purposely put part of my finger in every picture enough to make it an eyesore.

  • What about Dragon slayers???

  • Somebody should let the condom guy know they do make those little things I call finger condoms, you know, the things chefs or cooks can put on their fingers if they get a cut...may still be a little big tho🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Now, beats cost like £27 I went abroad in 2019 (Jamaica) and bought some Beats Keep in mind that 1 British pound is 150 Jamaican dollars They cost $3300 Jamaican

  • 13:44 im bout to end this mans whole career *NAH* I just ended this mans whole career *YEA*

  • I’m sorry but Respiratory Therapist get a raw deal not being a nurse. They are in the health care field in hospitals and perform important functions. When your loved one is on a ventilator, a machine literally breathing for them aka life support, they are the ones to manage it. Respiratory is the one that deals with the cpaps and bipaps that also facilitate breathing. They deal with the medications for patients with asthma, copd, and countless other breathing illnesses. Most people don’t seem to know what they are or what they do unless you or a family member needs one and then it seems they never forget.

  • For real tho what about veterans, they deserve more respect

  • 13:37 he said exactly what I was thinking, to the dot. killed me with how much he nailed my thoughts! Wait...Get out of my head, rSlash!

  • Pumping stations in addition to disabled restrooms are cool. Some places have family restrooms with little lobby areas

  • 25


  • I demand you acknowledge my uniqueness! You must put in a third bathroom with doors and observation windows into the other bathrooms! I also need a shrine to my god in all three bathrooms, disposable ski masks, knife dispensers, latex gloves and 6 locks per door, but only on my side! (FBI: Looks legit!)

  • He's also asking for child porn. He said 16-23 and ask for nood pics

  • Why is everyone excuse is that it's Christmas???

  • Wedding tips = choosing beggar 101

  • Your.A.BETCH.

  • I was once on a trip to NewYork to visit some family in Chinatown. We were in the subway waiting for the train to come when I hear some homeless man screaming saying, “why are you give me a hundred dollars do you think I can live off of this. Give me 500 dollars” and he actually takes the 100 dollar bill a friggen throws it of the side. The lady who gave him the money cussed at him calling him ungrateful and that he would rot in hell stuff like that and when down the stairs to pick up the money. I literally stared in awe thinking how can a homeless man turn down 100 Dollars.

  • All these stories should be titled, "why this snowflake got slapped in the face..."

  • Defo a Singaporean on the free photographer article lol LAH (or Malaysia)

  • O turn ride on mowers can go up to 32 grand if their professional js

  • 5:48

  • 4:57 this person has the perfect profile pic for the mocking voice u do 😂

  • considering the facebook profile pic of the "Looking for girlfriend" case, it could be a troll

  • The guy looking for a gf or a slave? I imagine he will always remain a virgin.

  • 1:06 I’m sorry, 1 pill! F out here with dat cheep stuff!

  • Well first time ever hearing BIPOC lol it’s crazy how the most racist people don’t realize they’re racist

  • I'm convinced half of these are made up..

  • The exact same thing happened to me with beggars TWICE. Once with cash, when she saw I was giving her the coins and keeping the bills, and once when I offered a man one of my sandwiches, instead of cash (he has a sign that said "help I'm hungry"). Now I can't even stand to hear them greet me, because when they say "good morning sir", all I hear is "give me money". Hypocrites.

  • No one: rSlash: I have ONE MILLION foLOwErs

  • Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the person asking for the free ferry tickets to Alcatraz, but this is the reason why the poster thought that way. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupation_of_Alcatraz Again, I don't agree with her attitude, but above is the history behind why she thinks the way she does.

  • 13:41 That picture is probably what he actually looks like

  • 13:25 "be willing to split bills on dates" "cant have a job" how can they do both? If she doesnt have a job she wont have money to pay for dates Edit: I guess I didnt need to comment. It was done for me

  • That homeless guy reminded me of something that happened to me back in 2008. I was in Gothenburg and excited to see Slayer for the first time and I had brought money to buy merch since I guessed they didnt take cards. I had some spare change I didnt need so when some homeless person (dont remember if it was a man or woman) asked if I had some money to give. I usually dont give money but since I had a pretty big pile of coins in my wallet I decided I could give them away. I opened the wallet and took emptied it on coins and handed them over. He/she took them but also pointed at the two 500 sek (maybe 50 dollars) bills in my wallet and asked for one of them. I politely said I need them for later and walked away.

  • 13:43 OH DAMN

  • 113 IQ is not a lot (sorry to people that have that) I can understand why his standards are so high. It's because he don't know how to put a limit.

  • Wow. What an amazing list! Such a shame my IQ is over 113... by quite a bit. The average, last I checked, is 120 (in the UK at least, about 10 years ago). Admittedly, this was before someone posted a list of what he was looking for in a girlfriend, and he wanted her to be small and skinny, and "not black". (Wow! Racist much you jerk? Good luck with the micro penis dude!) I feel that the worlds IQ has been dragged down just by hearing that list! Yuck! I feel yucky just... gross! What woman would accept someone who advertises for a girlfriend with a list like that? Yuck!

  • I hate your humble bragging about your number of subscribers in every video. You read reddit posts. People are here for the stories, not you. This is the laziest form of youtube entertainment and you shouldn't be so proud of yourself. Also stop calling your subscribers "fans". Nobody cares, we just like reddit and are lazy.

  • 0:20 what about active duty😂😂😂

  • Feel like it’s pretty hard to find someone that has a lower IQ than 114

  • "Cooomme oooonnn!" "Ah, yes, what mere mortal could resist the siren call of, 'C'moooooon'?"

  • That girlfriend application one terrifies me because it has way too many red flags of an abusive relationship...

  • is this the krusty crab? No it's red

  • While I did like the idea for an area for mothers, just due to the pump, I still believe that breastfeeding is natural and fins in public, and that handicap access is top priority. Enter Karen: SHE'S EXPOSING HERSELF!! *THROWS MOUSE AT KAREN* 🐭

  • Any people saying they are homeless are lying because why would they buy a phone if they were homeless?