Dr Phil hosts Meme Review [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#63

Publicat pe 15 aug. 2019
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  • Hi Felix, Please ask Steve Harvey to host meme review

  • Gru is actually a dentist

  • I want dr.phil to react to pewdiepie

  • Tommy the train

  • 7:10 look at pewdiepies chair, OR IS IT A GHOST

  • The snail is from the last of us. Fuck get ellie

  • "Tommy the Train"

  • somefing lol

  • r/MadLad

  • _Tommy the train_

  • If pewdiepie says something that he do sent like that means it's fucking bad

  • Wth is that intro?


  • I think that feeling is called Anxiety

  • Lil BroomStick!?!

  • Dr.phil is like the dad of this channel 😂

  • Hosts of Meme Review: Ben Shapiro ✅ Justin Roiland ✅ Elon Musk ✅ MrBeast ✅ Chandler Hallow ✅ ChrisO2 ✅ Dr. Phil ✅ Who is next?

  • Wait is this real?

  • we did it boys, dr.phil has finally done meme review

  • 2:43 *_yOU nEveR pLayEd tUber sImUlatOr...._*

  • This better be in rewind

  • 10:17 The part you came for.

  • dr. phil should do a meme review part 2

  • 13:00. Beautiful, 10/10 no insult will ever be as amusing as Dr phill explaining jake Paul here😂😂

  • “I did not think *Tommy The Train* could look evil” -Dr Phil

  • does pewdiepie has discord???

  • Dr phil hosting meme review: 10:22 Thank me later

  • 2:44 the Reardon what you’ve never played tuber simulator

  • Wasn't just Trump that said it. Revisit old Columbine news coverage if you really don't want to be on this planet anymore. Rip D00M.

  • 2:43 anyone else hear the announcement?

  • 🐽

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • I know right

  • Me also like mencrat

  • 7:04 Since when is a meme Important stop kidding me man😅

  • I effing love it!

  • Tldr on Alinity. Hilarious

  • so.... we called this a "Fan-goals" or something? :v

  • Dr. Phil: (1946-2006) Greatest psychologist that ever was, and an inspiration for an entire nation to shape up, get in ship shape, or otherwise ship out. Author of the '10 life laws', the '15 life strategies', and 'how to earn millions without having to serve 10 to life'. Dr. Phil has revolutionized the intellectual landscape of American as curricula changed nationwide from philosophy to PHIL-osophy. Dr. Phil was a graduate of the Academy of Lagado, and winner of several Ponzi awards, the Salieri Prize, the Oprah Legion of Honor, and of late was spiritual adviser to the Republican party. Tragically, Dr. Phil's life came to an abrupt end when in a household accident, he tripped and was crushed by his own ego. from Dr. Mezmer’s World of Bad Psychology, found on an internet near you!

  • Dr phil is my hero

  • I thought the beginning was an ad

  • this intro for meme review is what happens when you take accid

  • Global warming is fake

  • 13:44 that's my wall paper at school it's funny because I got in trouble for it

  • Hit up laser beam plz

  • 4:00 My parents did this to me 😂😂😂 I hated it

  • exists

  • ฟิลโฮด

  • #TheLittleThings

  • Karen in 2020: MEMES CAUSE VIOLENCE!

  • For all u idiots it's scripted

  • هههههه مسكين دكتور 🐘😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Dont cut to the en- Me: *scrolls by the progress bar* wait what he just say?

  • Watches this video and subscribes to Dr Phil so they can defeat cancer and everything else.

  • How epic

  • Felix:if i was team rocket i would capture Pikachu as well Me:out of all the pokemon legendaries,fully evolved pokemon you chose Pikachu u

  • lol dr phil is the best. musk v phil

  • الله يسمحك والترجمة. 🤣

  • ぱらんぽろんぱらんぽろん コウイチぱらんぽろんぱらんぽろんぱらんぽろん。 ぱらんぽろん

  • So... Does he got a Chopper? Niiiiiiiceeeeee