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Publicat pe 19 oct. 2019
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Gumball, the amusing blue cat with a giant head and his best buddy Darwin, a pet goldfish who sprouted legs, step up the hilarity and hijinks in Cartoon Network's comedy series, The Amazing World of Gumball. The BAFTA award-winning series tells the story of an extra-ordinary suburban family who just happen to live in an ordinary town. Along with Gumball and Darwin there's Dad, a 6'4" pink rabbit who stays at home while Mom works in the rainbow factory and Anais, a 4-year-old genius bunny. This season will bring to light to some tough questions such as; will Gumball ever win the affections of Penny? How will Darwin react when Banana Joe chews up his pen? And what happens when Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone? All will be answered, well maybe not answered, but it sure will be entertaining to watch.
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  • Did any one see the word battle buster just like the battle bus

  • The secret burger's name The joyful burger Dounuts

  • the illuma-patty

  • well on the bright side *thats how nuggets are made*

  • AREA BEEFTY ONE *_wow_*

  • "I would like one KKKKKCCPPT Burger!"

  • 💝💞💜❤️🧡🖤💛💚💙💕💘💖💗💓💝💞💘❣️💔❤️🧪⚱️🏺🔮🧿💎💶💵💸💰💳💷🍕🌭🍔🍟🦴🥪🥞🥩🍗🍖🍬🍭🍦🍧🍨🎂🍿🍬🍫🍵☕️🍼🍪🍩🍮🥃🍸🍺🍻🍹🥂🍾🍷🥤🥤🍯👑💍🎒🐝

  • I Wach it every day

  • No one: Literately no one: Richard: One %@*# burger please

  • T~T :,l

  • 4:31 Lol i found richards profile picture


  • Area beefty one Area fifty one

  • Bilderburger ( as in the rhe bildberg group)😀😀😀😀

  • Wait, chicken nuggets are made with a BLENDER? Well, I do have an old blender at home, so I don't see why not...


  • I love Cartoon network!! Is the best and some other companys! But i does not mean i do not luke CN ! I love these cartoon's ! I love The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure time, Summer Camp, Powerpuff girls, Teen Titans, Bugs bunny(the new one) , Carig of the Creek, Tom and Jerry, Scoby Doo....... and others!!! But keep on doing more GUMBALL !We all want it! Keep on CN ! We all love you!

  • 4:25 why does this feel like every McDonald's creepypasta


  • There's only one problem you still have hearts Wait so if u wanna be a owner of a restaurant u need no hearths Now I don't wanna work at a job

  • 4.31 no body is going to menchan that they 16k likes on their photo

  • I thoaut darwin dosent have thumbs

  • Could of been called joyful burger

  • I'll give u 20💵 Me.Your so lazy


  • 4:51

  • An Area beef-ty one? I want one of those

  • Why did you skip parts

  • Hi I'd like to work for the reverse job

  • I love your shows from Sian sanger

  • The only secret thing there using is Spit

  • In reality: .McDonald.

  • The fact that they cut off the part larry spit in his burger.

  • You are so funny

  • Ahhh hahah

  • Ok if richard is lieying im triggerd Wow richard is lazy UwU

  • They want a m'guffin

  • Did any one notice when they took the first photo Richards profile is called@hotrich


  • 2:04 said the secrede ingridien is the love the referen of spongebob