I Was A Weird Kid

Publicat pe 21 nov. 2017
Growing up I was a weird kid so...I made a video talking about it.
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  • Hey ahdm I dare you to kiss pet me espan sotdeows

  • I'm 13 and the kids in my neighborhood play Bike tag. Surprisingly, nobody has died yet. 😂😂 Adam: OK BYE LOVEE YOUU Me: *Internally screaming* HHHHHH

  • aHhh its 40 dOllaRS

  • Yes I want the merch

  • How many things did I do weird as a kid EVERYTHING


  • OMG i always wanted that red hoodie that say’s *Common sense*

  • Living the high Life. Adam you were not 21 then!

  • I am AuStRaLiA

  • That’s not how you eat vegymite you eat it on toasted bread a little bit of butter wait until it melts on your toast then add a little bit of vegymite and then it’s delicious 🤤 it’s not like Nutella we’re u can just take a spoon full and it’s delicious

  • Leader: well we have bananas My boyfriend: LEADER HE GOIN TO EAT ALL OF THOS leader:clam down how he will enter our home Something else yt: *KICK DOWN THE DOOR* GIVE ME THAT BANANA leader: oh boi Everybody: *stab them self* Server: everybody die because he saw somethingelseyt do that :P

  • 6:57 Min Bakugou??? What are you doin here?

  • This is not how we ve

  • I’m Australian and I was like “bitch........ don’t eat iT OFF A SPOON!!!!!!!!!”

  • U TRIED VEGEMITE FOR THE FIRST TIME THE OTHER DAY?!????!!?!?!!!!!!!!!! THAT STUFF IS DA BEST Like if u love veggiemite and reply if ur Aussie!💖

  • one: i practically glow in the dark of how damn white i am two: i can see in the dark so i am both great and absolutely freakin terrible at hide and see in the dark

  • I am a super babby

  • 40.00$ DOLLARS?!?!?! FOR THE COMMON SENSE HOODIE?!?!?! well It is the one that looks more awesome and kewl

  • My friend said that ur a cat cuz ur afraid of cucumbers 🥒...... not my words :P


  • Btw how are u demon horns doing? >:3 X3

  • Aww u so cute U SO SHORT

  • what are those!🙃🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • I l💛've BANANAS 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  • I am crazy

  • P.S.: Adam, do u like My Hero Acedemia? 'Cuz I'm from it!!

  • Did Adam do the Katsuki Bakugou *Explosion Quirk?*

  • I love banana

  • guys somethingelseyt is my boy freind

  • Vegemite is soooo good ❤️💜💖

  • I am a weird kid

  • How many times Adam said kid 👇 👇 👇 👇

  • once my mom was trying to find me and my little bro then 2 or 1 hours later she found us on the top of the closet sleeping and since my dads tallest in the family she ask him to bring us down and me and my bro don't know to this day how we got up there.

  • Are you a cat human or a demon human?

  • I come from Australia where Vegemite comes from and I have to say I hate Vegemite because it is so disgusting

  • Weird things I did as a kid 1: eat peanut butter in the middle of the night for some reason 2: sleep by the edge of my bed 3: how I ate eggs was the weirdest I cut off all the wight part and then I put the yolk on my fork and just straight up eat it whole

  • Banana’s are good


  • Just as a kid hu

  • That’s not how you eat vegemite

  • Shadow : HOW DARE YOU SAY MARIA!!!!!!!! 6:11

  • As a great man said, YOUR TO SLOW wait what isn't that soni- **BOOOOOOM**

  • Damn frickin right

  • Oh the good o’l days full of Teletubbies... 🙂

  • For the last time us Australians have had ENOUGH...... u need barely any, a spoonful is too big

  • I eat 11 bananas

  • Imagine Adam in assassin's creed he would be the most deadliest assassin

  • You know what I’m a girl and yet I drove a golf cart at the age of 9 so Yeet Yeet motha fuuuuuuu- Ia la la la 👾

  • i have an imaginary Friend called charlie

  • doll i mean action figure