Camping Stereotypes

Publicat pe 23 sep. 2019
Camping Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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  • Y’all see the bloopers at the end? 🤣

  • School stereotypes

  • You guys should do holiday stereotypes like thanksgiving 🦃 and halloween 🎃

  • I don't know why, but "That's crisp" had me dying!🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:21 the funniest clip of all

  • Farm stereotypes

  • I really want to be a rage monster for one of these videos it looks fun

  • You guys should do skateboarding stereotypes

  • i agree with Cody with the smores

  • do football stereotypes

  • The tiki torches that coby had around him, my family uses those to pick fruits. I realized those were supposed to be used for fire.

  • Dude perfect, awesome!!

  • Burnt all the way

  • Why does Tyler talks like british people?

  • Im from Indonesian and i never eat turtle

  • Do school stereotypes

  • Best rage in 2019

  • get me to 1k subscribers, help me achieve my target this month

  • Fun fact: i live in Indonesia

  • just the first time to watch their video and it was sso cool😍 new subscriber here

  • the rage monster is a bit much

  • It must have taken them sooooo long to clean that mess up I have much respect for the work they do to make one simple video.

  • Thanksgiving stereotypes please

  • 3:25 was killing me 😂

  • Yo Tyler is jacked not gonna lie

  • “Ew there is a frog over there”. 🐸😂

  • Ty needs serious Therapy |. | |. | \ /

  • 4:14 Him: (pours gas on the fire) Everyone in California: (Evacuating due to wildfires)

  • Ty's beard is longer I like that.

  • 3:58 it’s like a never ending spaghetti noodle

  • Trickshot stereotypes

  • Yo stop you’ll run out of money from rage monster

  • 3:09 rage monster

  • Can u pls make a classroom stereotypes

  • I'm the noob

  • I like the campfire songs one That me

  • All rage monsters out there, leave a like!!!

  • 7:13 me at school when I'm called to the office to leave.

  • This how many money they have to spend on the rage monsters 👇🏼

  • They should have brought Chris for the camping expert

  • who wants house stereotypes like so they can see

  • Do school stereotypes

  • 0:33 what did you hurt that was in your hand when you fell at 0:35

  • Lol

  • Why do all your stereotypes have Hehe

  • 4:48 is how I stand up to my dean and security cops at my community college

  • Airport / airplane stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Downtown stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Boat stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Dirt bike stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Freeway stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Parking lot stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Waterpark stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Go cart stereotypes 👇click so they can see it and do it

  • Hiking Stereotypes

  • I from indonesia

  • Airport stereotypes School stereotypes Sleepover stereotypes Concert stereotypes

  • The start of the raging monster is at 4:31 but the actual raging part starts at 5:10

  • You should have done one called “the idiot”

  • you need to do mountain biker stereotypes