I Carve a Black Window into a Billiard Ball

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
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In this video I show you how to carve a realistic Black Widow into a billiard ball that I found in the creek (wink wink) I also incorporate a REAL egg sack into it! don't worry, it was empty :) Love you guys
Also, the winner of the hand cast is @fraserotaku from TikTok!
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  • Hey Dukeys! Sorry it's been so long since my last upload. To everyone that is saying I forgot to add the hour glass. The hour glass on a Black Widow is located on the underside of the abdomen not on the back :) Also! If you want to keep up with what I'm doing in between videos, go give me a follow on IG @BobbyDukeArts and Twitter @BobbyDukeArt also I'm going to try and upload more frequently. yaaay!

    • Bobby Duke Arts I FORGIVE YOU

    • Hey I live in Texas

    • Yo ahhhh in the titel is black window xD

    • Time to kill this nazi pedofag. There's video evidence of him soliciting minors for sex

    • Your dog looks like mine, mine is a Staffordshire bull terrier

  • You say art like ehrt

  • Scientists (call it a seahorse) Bobby: *W A T E R P O N Y*

  • when those eggs hatch millions of spiders will walk up and make you there king cause of what you did

  • Nice

  • That isn't a window. I came here for a window. Reported and unsubscribed.

  • i love how patrick always just looks so hecking concerned

  • Someone is probably wondering where their billiard ball is not knowing that it was brutally murdered

  • 11:51 That spider family is probably bird food tbh

  • Did someone else noticed a black window not black widow

  • Ewwww.....😖😣😩

  • 11:22 Eewwww…!!!

  • I really want him to create a realistic spider and scare people with it! Btw, love your videos!

  • This guy is creative, in many ways and in many situations

  • All you needed to do with dye that wig green

  • Ah yes, the black window

  • Please link the tools used or reccomend me some diamond buurs :)

  • Need to put the red hour glass on its back but it is total bad ass

  • That is not a window ( .o.)

  • wait if you used the egg sack will the lil widows hatch?

  • puts black "window" in the title instead of black widow

  • Just dont play pool with it

  • Jibjaberblaber

  • Who else realised that it said black 'window'

  • Duke: it could be a rocc or a foosh or even a HOOMAN LEG me: oh ok... WAIT WHAT FBI:*reloads guns*

  • Did anyone notice that the topic should be "i carved a billiard ball in a black widow".

  • N-Nani!? He didn't use wewd

  • Wow a black window

  • You should put clear epoxy in it and use it

  • Imagine he wakes up and looks at the the spider egg is gone and the fake spider is a real black Widow

  • Anyone relise that he forgot the most important part of the spider👏🏻👏🏻

  • Black *Window*????

  • What is the window tinted ?

  • Water pony

  • I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be Black Widow not Black Window😂

  • is nobody going to talk about the "monkey brain" that he licked?

  • Isn't it a Black Widow

  • It’s not a black widow

  • 4:35 Please organize your inventory please

  • His daughter has a Bts poster she’s my favorite!! 💕😭 and I wish I could crave like Bobby

  • What was the “monkey brain”

  • Lol I live above you in Oklahoma

  • You daughter was playing minecraft I love the game

  • You could say he's a wewdo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Работы с шарами клевые,а ведешь ты себя как говно.

  • How’s arlo

  • Me looking at the title Me thinking *If he carves a black window then how can you see through it?* *hmm*

  • I got hardcore click baited. There wasn’t a single god dam black window.

  • Lol! He is pretty autistic....I mean, artistic.

  • Omg, I was like this looks like texas! Reads Instagram bio for hints, and reading comments like crazy and I found it. My suspion was correct I read it in the comments then heard it in the video. I really want to know where in Texas tho lol

  • Wherever dislikes anything on this channel is evil

  • You forgot something from the spider

  • My taste is free coffe. If it doesnt have one im gonna be mad cuz you said they have for my taste

  • The egg sack will hatch and his house will get infested with black widows

  • In australia we have redback spiders instead of black widows and they are the most dangerous spider in da world

  • @5:20 is when the carving starts.

  • You didn't put the hourglass on the spider

  • You should epoxy it now to make a solid ball

  • Gross. I'd have dumped her and the egg sacks on the drive way, then proceeded to kill them with fire.

  • Can you open that BLACK WINDOW plz