Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

Publicat pe 9 ian. 2020
Warriors: We are warriors. Season 2020 has begun.
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Original song by: Imagine Dragons
Featured artists: 2WEI and Edda Hayes
Produced by: 2WEI
Vocals performed by: Edda Hayes
Video created in partnership with Blur Studio
As a child you would wait
And watch from far away
But you always knew that you'd be the one
That work while they all play
In youth you'd lay
Awake at night and scheme
Of all the things that you would change
But it was just a dream!
Here we are, don't turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town
Here we are, don't turn away now
We are the warriors that built this town
From dust.
Here we are, don't turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town
We are the warriors that built this town
From dust.
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  • 죄다 영어냐 한국애들아 어딧어 손 좀 들어봐!!

  • Why are Riot Games company's works always so amazing?


  • Won't lie, almost cried

  • they make such good videos i just wish the actual game was as intense for me like a game of rocket league or over watch or rainbow six siege



  • Great cinematic, Terrible version of the song. Way way too slow, ruins the mood to be honest.

  • 가렌 개찐따처럼 나오네 ㄷㄷ

  • I got goosebumbs

  • plz.... riot games... could you make story game? this music video really really awesome!!! ㅠㅠ

  • We need them to make an MMORPG !!

  • Mantık Hatası Var Sylas Warriorsa R Atarsa Warriorsun Yaptığı Şeylerin Aynısını Yapar Ve Bu Sefer Sylas Kazanır??

  • Can Netflix and LoL sign a partnership already? We need more of this!

  • Baby face Garen? HAHAHA

  • I don't play lol but still I like there songs

  • Love Ezreal collecting the tear of the goddess

  • I'm assuming this cinematic is promoting fenimism. Not saying its bad. Just pointing it out.

  • Exellent!! Good boys!

  • Didnt know that lux had the force

  • Бля, это лучшее что я видел в своей жизни

  • I like the entrance of galio i didn't know galio is that big

  • No One: Me: The Ship Has been Sailed For Ezreal And Kai'sa

  • Who else doesn’t play league of legends but still watches these.

  • lol can't became a show with this quality. its take forever to do 40 min video.

  • 666

  • kai sa'ya düştüm

  • Nổi hết da gà :((

  • let's appreciate garen for protecting her sister and his people, army 🤗 I salute you Garen 🔥👌 lets appreciate ezreal not leaving kai'sas behind after she saves him let's appreciate vi for standing up and never lose hope appreciate them

  • Cade os main LUX AE

  • I just can’t bring myself to play games like this, I wish it was more like Fable.

  • 말도 안되 진짜 와

  • 럼블으디감

  • 와 눈물나왔어

  • 아이템 계정이 필요합니다. 누군가 나를 도와주세요!

  • Better than those animated movies out there. Gives me chills

  • 鑓塵幗膂蓿f寥寢膃暠瘉甅甃槊槎f碣綮瘋聟碯颱亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 澣幗嶌塹傴嫩榛畝皋i袍耘蚌紕欒儼巓襴踟篁f罵f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 漲蔭甃縟諛f麭窶膩I嶮薤篝爰曷樔黎㌢´  `ⅷ踟亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 蔕漓滿f蕓蟇踴f歙艇艀裲f睚鳫巓襴骸     贒憊亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 榊甃齊爰f懈橈燗殪幢緻I翰儂樔黎夢'”    ,ィ傾篩縒亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 箋聚蜚壊劑薯i暹盥皋袍i耘蚌紕偸′    雫寬I爰曷f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : 銕颱麼寰篝螂徑悗f篝嚠篩i縒縡齢       Ⅷ辨f篝I鋗f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:; : : . 碯聟f綴麼辨螢f璟輯駲f迯瓲i軌帶′     `守I厖孩f奎亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : . 綮誣撒f曷磔瑩德f幢儂儼巓襴緲′          `守枢i磬廛i亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : . 慫寫廠徑悗緞f篝嚠篩I縒縡夢'´              `守峽f徑悗f亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : . 廛僵I數畝篥I熾龍蚌紕襴緲′             ‘守畝皋弊i劍亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: : : . 瘧i槲瑩f枢篝磬曷f瓲軌揄′             ,gf毯綴徑悗嚠迩忙亦尓㍍i:i:i;;:;:: 襴罩硼f艇艀裲睚鳫襴鑿緲'               奪寔f厦傀揵猯i爾迩忙亦尓㍍i:i: 椈棘斐犀耋絎絲絨緲′                     ”'罨悳萪f蒂渹幇f廏迩忙i亦尓㍍ 潁樗I瘧德幢i儂巓緲′                   r㎡℡〟”'罨椁裂滅楔滄愼愰迩忙亦 翦i磅艘溲I搦儼巓登zzz zzz㎜㎜ァg    緲 g    甯體i爺ゎ。, ”'罨琥焜毳徭i嵬塰慍絲 枢篝磬f曷迯i瓲軌f襴暹 甯幗緲 ,fi'   緲',纜。  贒i綟碕碚爺ゎ。 ”'罨皴發傲亂I黹靱 緞愾慊嵬嵯欒儼巓襴驫 霤I緲 ,緲   ",纜穐  甯絛跨飩i髢馳爺ゎ。`'等誄I筴碌I畷 罩硼I蒻筵硺艇艀i裲睚亀 篳'’,緲  g亀 Ⅶil齢  贒罩硼i艇艀裲睚鳫爺靠飭蛸I裘裔 椈f棘豢跫跪I衙絎絲絨i爺i㎜iⅣ   ,緲i亀 Ⅶ靈,  甯傅喩I揵揚惹屡絎痙棏敞裔筴敢 頬i鞏褂f跫詹雋髢i曷迯瓲軌霤   ,緲蔭穐 Ⅶ穐   讎椈i棘貅f斐犀耋f絎絲觚f覃黹黍 襴蔽戮貲艀舅I肅肄肆槿f蝓Ⅷ   緲$慚I穐,疊穐  甯萪碾f鋗輜靠f誹臧鋩f褂跫詹i雋 鋐篆f瘧蜑筴裔罩罧I緜孵蓼Ⅷ  i鷆嫩槞i歉皸鱚  冑縡諛諺彙溘嵳勠尠錣綴麼辨螢

  • Lux look like eva efile

  • 쌌다

  • Am I the only one teary eyed here?

  • This song is so amazing like OMG I CANT EVEN PUT IT TO WORDS

  • Это уже который ролик посвешенный сексизму по отнашению к мужчинам где добрая и хорошая женщина противостоит злому и грязному мужлану та же история с кайсой и эзом и та же ситуация уроготом кейтлин и вай если по вашему сексизм по отнашению к женшинам должен каратся или это не допустимо то не делайте ролики унижаюшие мужчин и возвышаюшие женщин потому как сексизм действует в обе стороны как по отношению к женщинам так и по отношению к мужчинам

  • It's good but doesn't beat overwatch 2

  • epic.. JUST..... EPIC ! :O .. Riot is going strong

  • Plss sub indo

  • I just realized... In the lore, Galio can't move without a magician fueling him magic, so Lux's ult might have actually activated Galio's ult...

  • Garen be lookin like a Jaime Lannister high key.

  • i wisht at least 1% of the game would look like in this video

  • is it weird ... to listen to this while working out ?? it gives me goosebumps

  • 아니 그냥 곱게 영화를 만들라니까? 내가 봤을 때 럭스 스토리, 가렌스토리나 아니면 빌지워터 데마시아 이런식으로 영화 짜면 한국에서만 천만명 이상 본다 ㄹㅇ 전세계 5억명은 볼듯 그걸 한 10편정도는 만들 수 있으니까 ㄱㅇㄷ아니냐? 제발 영화화 하자 진짜 존나 마렵다ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • I want to see fiora in this video

  • why is urgot always the evil big boss they fight

  • Movies or series with this quality would be 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍

  • Like what the heck .... they want to kill sylas because he uses magic, then why dont kill fricking lux..... she uses magic too you know

  • Report lux troll

  • hahah mb 1st time lux

  • Lexi lux

  • шо не говори про LOL хуёвого , но ролики они делают шик

  • Real love...

  • garen w% 20 attack reflecktion need and take it different armor for story