RAPPER REACTS to Eminem - Unaccommodating ft. Young M.A. | NEW EMINEM ALBUM

Publicat pe 17 ian. 2020
Alright so this is the 2nd track off of Eminem's new album Music To Be Murdered By. I gave this song a 7/10. What would you guys rate it? Let me know!
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RAPPER REACTS to Eminem - Unaccommodating ft. Young M.A. | NEW EMINEM ALBUM
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  • Em said I’m not on my petty shit I don’t my paint my toes..pedi shit..pedicure. No Dax shots today lol.

    • yeah i didnt relly like her flow with the beat

    • the fact you even thought it was..

    • Were just not gonna discuss the board of monetary value in the background 😂

    • 100% shot at dax dude

    • I still like to think it is, cause of the Thanos and Plugner bit, I find it funny

  • Good catch on his Illuminati lines of pedophilia bro.

  • The lines by themselves wouldnt raise any eyebrows about Dax, but the fact that the Thanos line was followed by the pedicure line, and then followed by the plunger line.... Idk man it could be a small shot at Dax.

  • People dont react the way i expect them to do when eminem comes in and starts rapping fast. I WENT CRAZY WHEN I HEARD THAT! Its not even because of the text, its just fun to listen

  • Fucking stan

  • EM DOESNT MEAN KIDS!!!!Thats coming from your mind

  • Young M.A.'s verse is SO FUCKING TRASH

  • where is Osama been? I been ladeen lately (Osama bin ladin) dude em is genious😎

  • Saudi blew up the towers on 911.. the US went after Osama(saudi as well) but in in the wrong countries.. while also sending the rest of the binladens back to saudi on private planes on tax payer $$$

  • When you pull your shirt it makes you skinner.

  • I use a pillow pet

  • I thought it was pretty clear what he meant by the 9/11 think. It was a cowardly act. "That was a cowardly act like the Saudi attack when the towers collapsed" He is just saying someone back paddling when they said something is a cowardly act(something along that line) just like that attack, cowardly. Am I wrong? 🤔

  • Crypt: Ima react to the whole album Me: So that was a fucking lie

  • If you didn’t like Young MA’s verse, then I replaced her with Tupac (it’s actually good quality): rotorrentinfo/watch/1pbEc7e1tI-vvdE.html

  • That Endo line is so amazing. I don’t smoke but to be blunt in rolling endo/in though/in dough. Em the GOAT

  • How tf would he know dax😂

  • Oh and that osama bin laden hook. Where’s osama been ? (Critics and media asking where’s em been) I’ve been laden lately . Laden or how you’ll say it Layden Means to be weighed down or something heavy. So to put it clearly media an critics always wondering where’s em been (music and album wise) after revival. Thus the question, “Where’s osama been?” Cause he was known to blow up stages with his rhymes and terrorize MCs “I’ve been laden lately” Eminem been WEIGHED DOWN by all these haters,media,criticizing him and his lewd inappropriate none content music. And importantly the judgment of pigment that a white rapper can’t be named the GOAT. So all that been WEIGHING ON HIM. And he’s pissed. Wow 😳 Btw I had a feeling that hook had more to it then a funny break down scheme. But that right their gave me a headache

  • Has anyone noticed when the GOAT started of with “game over thanos all you H-Os But to Properly spell HOES But since it’s thanos ,didn’t he erase half the universe ? Now shady erased half the word E-S from H-O

  • Kamikaze: "fuck mumble rappers" Unaccomadating: "young ma mumbles a full verse"

  • What if the hook wasn't solely talking about Em himself and his situation but how he or other people look at Osama Bin Laden and how the United States handled the situation

  • That scrubs line is such a bar though

  • Crypt may be on to something with the 'Dax shot', cos Em used a Thanos double entendre shortly before what Crypt picked out and Dax went through this phase of saying he was Thanos or 'Daxnos', might be reaching but idk

  • Wym im 22 and sleep with a pillow pet lmao :(

  • 7:52 You're being overly sensitive about that line Crypt. It's not that deep. It's a "simple" double entendre. He's not insinuating anything sexual with the kids, it's just head like a pillow pet, head like a blowjob. That's it. Those are two completely separate things.

  • Didn't realize Young M.A was female.

  • Like stevie knight said on his channel!!!! It's not enough m.a!!!!! That was the time showout!!!! Her verse was like a little hug juice vs a redbull!!!

  • Lock it up -Em !!!!!!!

  • i stg i thought young ma was a dude until this vid

  • This album had a couple good songs, lyrically it’s great, 6/10

  • Bro he said "I got paper to be blunt, I'm rolling in dough"😯😯

  • The Saudi attack line is a reference to the fact that it was Saudi Arabians that flew the planes into the towers.

  • You are fucking whack. You act like you are better than em

  • You remind me of me if i was cool and always had a hat on and by that i mean i do also love mountain dewww

  • You be acting speedy .... say it ain’t so Ace!

  • Young M.A. is definitely off beat in the beginning it still bothers me when listening to this song now but otherwise I love it

  • Young ma is ass why did he do anything with her

  • Dude , getting head like a pillow pet...because pillow pets have a big ass head ....come on my dude , he wasnt talking about anything to do with kids...

  • It’s just Mt Dew.

  • Reports said Eminem broke his back carrying this track from Young M.A.

  • Fuck bitches, make money.

  • she said " Do Right And Kill Everybody, Drake mode" people sleeping on M.A's bar. She literally flips what drake said his name stands for in his song. Hands down one of the most slept on bars in the song.

  • Fuck you missed so much! Bro nothing there was said where it was going in the beginning with the Thanos reference.

  • Man said young ma

  • It seemed like you totally missed understood the bars that you said we're "controversial". You ought to go back and give them a listen again. They're not as controversial as you thought.

  • stop screamin bro

  • Young ma is straight garbage. I thought she was off beat and thought he punchlines were kinda generic and predictable

  • bruh you are terrible at listening to lyrics. All this shit goes way over your head and you are a rapper? I aint even heard your shit and I rate it a .5

  • He was saying the backpeddling was a cowardly act, like the Saudi attack. Not sure who he's referring to though.

  • Are you sure you wanna waste that mountain dew like that

  • Eminem’s 2nd verse goes so hard 🔥🔥

  • Rappers reviews?

  • Crypt honestly I don’t think he’d be dissing you, your a badass person you break down everything so well for every song that’s drops

  • I have 2 pillow pets...

  • Ow..now ur a judge?? Ur judging the songs!

  • she was so offbeat man......you deserve the feature more than her bro Crypt

  • John Wayne Gacey was called the killer clown. That’s why that reference worked

  • Let’s get Crypt to 1Mil

  • this guy looks like babe yoda

  • People either miss the b rabbit line or it’s so obvious it’s not worth mentioning it

  • Young M.A sound slow in the head. How the hell is he famous.