NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | December 6, 2019

Publicat pe 7 dec. 2019
Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Dec. 6 featuring Bradley Beal, Jaylen Brown, Steven Adams and more!
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  • Great basket at 1:53. 01-01-20.

  • Geez Jeff Teague in the right sport, he could never be a cornerback or safety LOL,,,,

  • 1:30 Travel?

  • So boring... Ordinary plays compared with 90's NBA

  • Steven Adams is a better qb than Baker Mayfield. Change my mind.

  • Seems the security was angry at 2:12 minutes

  • Pass interference OFFENSE! 5 yard penalty. Repeat 4th down

  • NO:1 lit🔥 asf ADAMS 🙌

  • Nigga towns dumb traveled 🧳

  • nuttin like a good SLOB!!

  • Aquaman with the hail Mary.

  • mcullom's assist was #1

  • Nice plays everyday, but they mostly showing dunks :/

  • Bruh travel on 8 👀

  • Sounds like this has been recorded in a toilet

  • Why is it that every time a player reaches say 30 commentators have to make some remark about the player 'still' having it? Come on, he's only 30!

  • Hey? Wheres the alley opp of caruso and bron from outbound court?? This nba is bad at picking top 10s

  • Useless bias channel

  • *who is in school like* go mutual subscriptions

  • Giannis only thrives because of his athleticism. His IQ is nothing special.

  • rotorrentinfo/watch/0GyUaayb1Y1-28k.html

  • 👎Un-skippable ads

  • I was about to call him Mediocrementator until he broke out with the haiku.

  • Wow that was a cold blooded pass from adams

  • Cris paul make that happen.

  • 2:11 easy dennis, easy

  • 2:11 rip old man 😂

  • Where is GOAT?!?!

  • 2:10 *Feels Bad Man*

  • Help me make it to 100 subs please

  • Best Spost for KAT would be Dallas I think

  • Wolves derailing right before America's eyes again

  • 2:11 lmao 😂

  • yo mic is ok?

  • 2:10 GTFO my way

  • KAT with the monster travel

  • Lovin no 1

  • "nothing like a good slob..." *pause*

  • I don't believe it, they put Blazers on here

  • All of the highlights the Lakers had last night, you put up a layup against the Lakers on your top 10?

  • You got me counting syllables on that Haiku man.

  • haikumentator

  • I really get upset every time i watch the top 10 from these comments section talking about commentator shit !!!!!

  • 2:11 Dennis Schröder bumps into an old policeman haha

  • who is this intoiletmentator

  • Haiku for the comments

  • Jeff Teague always on somebody else highlight

  • nice

  • "Kawhi. Catch. Drive. Dunk." Kawhi robot activated. 😂😂😂

  • Where is rosier's Cross?

  • Y'all seen the cop get shoved at the end😂😂

  • Jets should sign aquaman. Darnold catching STDs from these hoes and shit.

  • 720p? It's 2019.

  • What happened to the homie with bars?

  • Glad to see Adams have more rebounds this season. He doesn’t have teammates boxing him out for them now.

    • At least Westbrook brought him to the playoffs every year

    • His rebound numbers are the same have him my fantasy

  • what a pass wow

  • That haiku tho

  • That haiku 👍🏾🔥💥 so proud of u my dude.

  • How wasn't Giannis N1 🤦‍♂️

  • What happen in the minute 2:11