The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

Publicat pe 14 dec. 2019
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  • Garbage video!! Stinky! For real tho this show actually rules

  • Chamberlin or emberer EMMA CHAMBERLIN GUYS

  • Who even cares about this show

  • OWO james upload this on my birthday

  • Me and my brother saw merch at 5 below before i even watched this :P Crazy world we live. *yes, you are correct about that*

  • Ayyyyy our boy oddonesout knows barnaby dixon

  • I Really liked The dark Crystal 2

  • What is that sound that Chamberlain makes porpus its more comical than anything else

  • James will never see this comment.

  • Congrats James for having this video on #1 trending! :D

  • But it's not a reboot, it's a prequel in the same universe

  • Me: sees James post a new dark crystal video * Also me: WHAT ITS ONLY TEN MINUTES LONG!!!!!!!!

  • ok

  • I tol u

  • glad i'm not the only one who watches everything at 2x speed

  • *MmMmmMmH*

  • Congratulations on 1 on trending!!

  • Comment from I hate everything and 1 on trending

  • +sees dark Crystal characters+ YOU'VE SUMMONED ME?

  • I actually liked those long parts because they gave you the sense that you saw the intimate and little things of this world and you felt like it was that much more real yknow

  • I just kind of cringe when I look at them that’s all I’m saying

  • James your worrying me with all the furry fan art on the end card....

  • It’s been so long since you made a video

  • Stop being negative I hate everything

  • Your not my mum james your my daddy

  • Yes I am technically a hypocrite but I just don’t like them

  • i thought i was the only one who watched things at 2x speed

  • 3:28 the the heck 😂😂

  • I know it’s not true but I think they’re all rapists

  • I just watched this I watched the series with my parents way before I watched this

  • You're number one on trending!

  • Omg your on the trending page Keep up the good work

  • I like your channel but I hate Furrys they gave me PTSD other child

  • Great video man! Jim Henson was by far one of the greatest puppeteer of all time. Shout out to the first Ninja Turtles movies. Don't worry about it bro we all put our foot in our mouth every so of often. Shake it off! I do agree with you about the triple pee stream though that is definitely something! P.S. I liked that Yoda's grandma comment. Blessings.

  • ... Everyone just stares at all the “Spoilers”

    • Evnyrerybody Dislike This Video 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏽 rotorrentinfo/watch/r2CQo7bMyqiNqa8.html

  • 7:46 I can actually picture Nostalgia Critic doing something like that...

  • Finally the dark crystal 2

  • "Bakugo has no rights." ......its because he's black isn't it?

  • Yeet

  • #1 trending