I Trained Like An Olympic Figure Skater

Publicat pe 10 nov. 2019
I trained with Figure Skating Olympian Lloyd Eisler for 8 weeks, leading up to a real competition! Go follow my Instagram to see everything we don't show on !! michellekhare #ChallengeAccepted #ChallengeAcceptedSeason2
Thank you so much to my amazing coaches:
Lloyd Eisler, 5x Olympian - Head Coach
Amy Coperchini - Choreographer
Larisa Cherednichenko - Ballet Instructor
Special thanks to LA Kings Valley Ice Center. Be sure to visit if you’re ever in the LA area and looking for a figure skating or hockey lesson! :)
Kelsey Darragh - kelseydarragh
Nix Phengsy
Music Video and Competition Song by the amazing Abigail Barlow! Be sure to listen to her music here:
Music Video Song - open.spotify.com/track/3Am0Yb41dY4OtIylfjVBJj?si=zYCcDSsiR4eD0r-uROuI5w
Competition Song - open.spotify.com/track/69KB0gFB2RwEv0Tv2UrVjf?si=vgz1l7KFT8KlQ1vvqlmhPg
Executive Producer - Michelle Khare
Creative Director - Garrett Kennell • garrettkennell
Producer - Iris Sullivan
Editor - Silas Orteza • www.silasorteza.com/
Assistant Editor - Madeline Puzzo
Director of Photography - Kevin Stiller • www.kevinstiller.com/
Music Video Camera Operator - Christian Lalonde
Camera Operator - Mark Christian
Camera Operator - Sam Mosco
Camera Operator - Casey Hilliard
Assistant Camera - AJ Young
Production Assistant - Madeline Khare
Graphic Designer - Taylor Dolniak
Hair and Makeup - Olivia Shipman
Still Photography - Tony Moux
Business: michellekhare+business@gmail.com


  • It's finally here! What did you think of this episode? Silas and Madeline knocked it out of the park with this edit!! We put so much love, time, and resources into these episodes, and I hope you enjoy it. :) P.S. For everyone asking - the songs during the music video and final competition are by my very talented friend Abigail Barlow! Be sure to check out her music on Spotify!

    • Can you try and be an equestrian

    • You did amazing! I wouldn’t dare to try

    • I think it would be cool to watch her do all star cheerleading

    • So inspirational!! I myself get really bad anxiety, it was so common to feel the way you felt but at every track meet and anytime I was the focus of attention! I recently picked up an interest in ice skating which is how i came across your video (which you executed so well!) I might really try it out after watching this, thank you! You did amazing after ONLY doing it in a span of 8 weeks, you’re stronger than you think :)

    • oh my gosh i’m from louisiana 🤩


  • Her voice is so calming. It sounds like something you would hear while listening to a motivational podcast.

  • that was amazing. I want to learn how to skate properly!

  • "I Trained like a WGI performer" plz !

  • I related to your fears, stress and anxiety so much. You did amazing ❤️ (I'm crying my eyes out)

  • you could try to learn the cancan dance, i love the music and its just so joyfull and playfull :D

  • It’s extreme but u could try water figuring

  • Yuzuru Hanyu spotted ❤️

  • Idk if you’ve done this before but for some reason is you training like a broadway star

  • How tf does she only have 1m subs ˚▱˚ With all this knowledge of stuff shes a genius m8

  • You should do a k-pop challenge!!

  • Yo! You deserve so much recognition doing all these things!!! You are amazing and the way you just always develop your confidence. It's amazing and inspiring

  • You should do synchronized swimming

  • 20 years old and just started figure skating in April. You did amazing!

  • 'Failing is necessary to feel confident'

  • And physics. Physics make quintuples impossible because the human body cannot spin fast enough. Until we skate on the moon


  • The getting warm part after leaving the rink is so true! I wouldn’t feel warm until the next day 😩 yes I am a competitive figure skater.

  • WOW!!! Great video!!!!

  • You sould try hockey

  • because children are young

  • Can you do CA: “I trained to be a flight attendant?”

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  • Min chari maaa khalaaa9

  • Michelle is getting annoyed at herself for not doing her jump in 8 weeks, I’ve been working on my spin for about 6 months and still haven’t got it! Sometimes it just takes a while for us to understand and get comfortable with things

  • You should train like a show jumper 😁

  • Competing is so hard. That's what makes solo sports so hard. In football, if a player gets tackles, no one bats an eye. In gymnastics (which I do) or ice skating, everyone's looking at you. And you feel like you've let yourself and your team down.

  • The head coach is PHENOMENAL. Such a nice and easy going demeanor.

  • Your comment about the time limit thing really touched me. I feel the same, but at 59 I submitted Kilimanjaro and completely am dedicated to challenge myself until I am dead. Keep going. You are amazing and inspiring.

  • Your resume is probably 5ft long. Or after you do all these types of things/jobs you should be an actress because your headshot would be amazing

  • That french girl really doesn't know how to pronounce words o_o I'm french and it's frustrating

  • Honestly, the fall made her performance a lot better. Keep truckin' girl!

  • That's exceedingly MOTIVATIONAL.. Of course, there are too many routines that she must have learned in her early years but she has just learned now... The eight-week practice is just too intense I presume. But she did it OK. Congratulations for proving that anyone can learn ANYTHING regardless of age.

  • Try training for winterguard!

  • Some girl in the comments said to train like a cheerleader and i think thats a BESt fricken idea🥰