TYPES OF BACK TO SCHOOL STUDENTS || Relatable сomedy by 5-Minute FUN

Publicat pe 27 aug. 2019
Which type of back to school student are you?
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So many types of people you can meet at school. And what if it is your first day back?
0:09 The Economical Student
0:31 The Student Who Doesn't Care
0:37 The shopaholic
1:12 The Nerd
1:23 The Hottie
1:51 The Wizard
2:11 The Newbie
2:30 The School Fanatic
2:43 The Fan Lover
2:49 The Rivals
3:16 The Always Tardy
3:28 The Bully
3:42 The Transformer
4:04 The Insta Girl
4:20 Was it just a bad dream?
Which types of high school or college friends do you have?
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