How To Use Save Editor Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Version 1.14

Publicat pe 13 dec. 2019
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How To Use Save Editor Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Version 1.14
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Save Editor :
Save Game Dbxv2 1.14 :!1YY0zCoB!WPp5RqQz61SMYcXsLKgOBc_3JnpfbC-P91Q1xStbmdY
Fix Locate Save Game :!sMpEBYzS!zVtgGMcybxyUZbcD0DxP2qKWqLv3UGWzSHWZAKwixjM
Tutorial Dbxv2 Version 1.14 : rotorrentinfo/watch/0ZaXoL2Y14GGsrc.html
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  • How i put a ps4 file in there plz help

  • Is there something up with xenoversemods? It either gives me a 404 error or just cycles through 5 different pop-ups without showing the actual page.

  • Hi... Can you give me link to download 1.14 update? I downloaded from skidrowcodex and 1337x but i can't update my game from 1.13 to 1.14. It is stuck. I also tried nosteam version but while installing it says file is corrupt.

    • @Shinobi Saiyan if possible can you directly upload the 1.14 version of directly playable? The one you currently have installed in your laptop on a gdrive or mega or any other site and i can download the updated version directly and play it?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan i still got the same error even after downloading the whole new 1.13 iso and 1.14 update. I'll try on a different pc now

    • if you don't bother using the deluxe edition, try installing 1.13 then 1.14 but since it takes a long time to install 1.14 it usually takes almost 30 minutes or more depending on the spec of your laptop / pc

    • @Shinobi Saiyan yeah... i'm currently downloading it. Will reply here again if it also gets stuck at some point. because i already had the 1.13 iso and when i downloaded the 1.14 update only (400 mb) it cerified the checksum and all but then while being installed it got stuck at cpknewfile and then i got some error and installtion stopped.

    • can you read the video description? just go to video 1.14?

  • my save file isnt even there and it doesnt say steam or codex at all its just blank when i open up the documents folder

    • @Shinobi Saiyan i did and replaced it where it should be but i load the game up and it just comes up with my level 2 character instead of the ones from the download link

    • if there isn't enough folder for that folder name or download save game locate fix?

  • when I open all numbers, in remote don't have nothing, plssss help ;-;

  • Your file save doesn't have background music ._.

    • You only edit in options if you want to run it

  • this for pc right?

    • yes it's very clear there, the tutorial? this only pc

  • can i make any character stronger that 125 points? is there any app for that? cuz i saw some modded characters that can litarelly one shot every1

  • i do everything but when i go to the game isn't save like need to be lvl 99

  • after i saved what i need to do

  • i dont have steam in public documents?What do I do

  • Save Editor keeps deleting itself

  • Hello! whenever I try to download the save editor. It comes up with How do you want to open this .rar file? and gives me some options that don't work

    • you have to extract it to get the actual file

  • I installed a skill that wont show up in the skill shop ,or my skill list.Usually I would just use the save editor to equip the skill but, it doesn't work anymore(or should I say it wont show up in the game). My Question :is there a way to edit the skill and add it in via skill shop, or another method I can use?

  • bro I don't have all those strings in codex I only have 4 of them, not the number you said to use you know how to do it? or maybe it's a problem because I open it with anti cheat?


    • same and after it crashes it deletes itself

  • Can this be used for the steam version or it only works for the cracked version?

    • actually it can just, if you use steam, you change some like TP, engineer, Level and others, it could be banned

  • What if you open the public documents and there’s no Steam file to open? Because every time I follow the file string it always leads to an empty public document file.

    • why don't you want to read the description? I have provided fix save game ?, why would I make a description if you don't read it?

  • When I saved the file nothing was there Did I miss something?

  • dude something is wrong with save editor every time i launch it it crashes after like 10 seconds

  • Mine does not have anything after "public documents". Help?

    • read the video description, I have provided locate fix save game?

  • When I download the file I don’t get the option to Extract file

    • Shinobi Saiyan lol thanks bro I 100% forgot about that

    • download & install apps winrar to extract dude

  • nice vid i subbed, now ill get all the dragon balls without the mercy of RNG XD........ but there is now a new issue in 1.14 every portal and instructors are gone and also i cant interact with some special portal like majin buu house etc. please help me shinobi i searched everywhere still haven't got the solution many people are having this issue.

  • There is nothing in my public documents

  • Help

  • “Cannot execute “

  • i can’t find "users" someone help

    • just make that folder, or download save game location fix? ok right? already in the description?

  • Can i use on steam version?

  • and when i go to users public pubilc documents steam isint there! ;ccccc

  • You are really the best !!!! Thank you

  • I didn't get the game directory on start up, thus it did not work for me plz help.

    • Yes thank you it worked but some items could not be taken, for example android 21 lab coat, seems to be all dlc stuff, same thing goes for skills, anything I can do?

    • why don't you know it, even though you bought the game on Steam? try: Steam \ userdata \ youruserid \ 323470 \ remote \ dbxv2 \ dbxv2.sav

    • @Shinobi Saiyan the game should have gotten installed on steam.

    • where did you install it the first time you ever installed the game? I can't help when you don't know the location of your game

  • I can't find the new super souls in the save editor i only find unknown item (i've located the game location for the save editor too)

  • Can't register on Xenomods. It's seems site doesn't work properly and won't send verification e-mail. Can you share save editor?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan Thx

    • download this :

  • Does it work if you bought the game from steam

    • can work but if you play online, your game will be banned

  • Work for ps4?

  • Hey Guys You Can Now Mod The Game !!! :)))

  • post a video teaching how to download and install naruto storm 4 road to boruto + crack online.please i really want to play the game online

    • I will try to upload if there is also true online crack, I will try it

    • but you will bring how to download naruto storm 4 with dlcs next generation in 2020 day 23/4

    • sorry don't want to upload anymore about that, because I never played crack online

  • I can't find my save at this place you showed

    • @Shinobi Saiyan I downloaded the fix locate save game with the same issue and it didn't work

    • check back in the description, download fix locate save game

  • Can you make a video on how to download the Steam and Codex folder? Why don't I get out of it and I also believe in other fans pls?

    • do you mean the location of the save game? check back in the description, download fix locate save game

    • @Shinobi Saiyan If you did not understand me I mean that if I go to local disk C public users and public documents, I do not get a coat of arms and so if the folder does not come out we can not enter it and I can not even have the

    • @Shinobi Saiyan I mean that if I go to local disk C users Publish again I don't have the Stems in the center

    • I don't know what you mean ? and what for ?

  • This is why we love you bro, keep it up!!!!

  • the file isnt there in my program file

    • where did you put your game file, since you installed it? game directory is where the folder you installed before?

  • New Xv2patcher Tomorrow?

  • How it Long takes for new xvpacher + when xvpacher 3.3 comes out do tutorial how to download unlimited mods infinite mods no limit cuz when i had 1.13v2 it shows error that i can't install mods anymore

  • been a while since i logged in the site, what is the deal with this wp login?

  • ar u indonesian?

    • yes, you can contact me using Indonesian via facebook or discord

  • How to install mods on Xenoverse?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan Ok but its hard to be patient

    • I can only wait and cannot be sure when it will be released, be patient

  • Shinobi Saiyan I uninstalled the 1.13v2 and installed 1.13 again and when I install 1.14 it gives me the hash error ..what did I do wrong ?

    • @Jero yes, it ended up working

    • @Lwazi Luvuyo Did It work?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan alright I'll try again thanks

    • error maybe you did not install the crack folder and did not replace when finished installing 1.13, do it again, uninstall it completely, go to the xenoverse 2 folder then run "unins000"

  • Thanks Dude btw when are you gonna add a mod set up

    • can only wait for new xvpatcher just that is enough, be patient

  • Pls help me I download everything for the mods(installer and patcher ) but i dont have source. Can pls someone help me i want to mod my Xenovets 2

    • Shinobi Saiyan It says by me configure requirments failed do you know to fix that

    • sorry dude don't ask me, because i'm not the creator of xvpatcher, animegamemods haven't been known whether it's making or not, so be patient

    • Shinobi Saiyan How do you mean wait. For the next patcher update Did I need source for that

    • can only wait for xvpatcher just that is enough, be patient

  • you know how mod that version of the game?

  • There is a problem with second ultimate attack of (Android 21) you didn't complete her skill

    • @otaku anmie The Ultimate is Excellent Full Course

    • and the skill's name is ( lightning impact) ... Do you have a solution to this problem?

  • How to install mod xv2

    • just waiting for the new xvpatcher to come out dude

  • Thnx so much :D

  • How can I transform super saiyan all with character goku ?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan I have done all this mod and it was working with my character but character goku I choose his first custom and all his customs however , it didn't work with him where he turned to ssj3 only are you understand me or can I change his awoken ? please answer me

    • now just go here: rotorrentinfo/watch/0mawmseyyZGo2M0.html

    • @Shinobi Saiyan or I can do it if I can change transformations of goku Can you answer me (how can I change transformations of goku to super saiyan all )?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan wait I'm done it But it only worked with my character But when I tried to play goku He transformed to super saiyan 3 only, and that transformation was the ultimate are you understand me ?

    • @Shinobi Saiyan Answer me, quickly Please