Matt Barnes is impressed with Ja Morant's performance vs. the Warriors | The Jump

Publicat pe 10 dec. 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Matt Barnes play "Make or Miss," discussing Houston Rockets' star Chris Paul picking on Utah Jazz's center Rudy Gobert, Los Angeles Clippers' big man Patrick Beverley and PG Derrick Walton Jr. playing hot potato for the final turnover and Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant coming back from an injury.
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  • Why ESPN allow Matt the crAck head to be on the air 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 He’s a horrible example to our youth Kick Matt out!

  • 1:25 someone said pause😂😂

  • Why ESPN allow Matt the crAck head to be on the air 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 He’s a horrible example to our youth Kick Matt out!

  • Brandon Ingram is in a contract season

  • 0:41 Peep out Austin Rivers face

  • Why ESPN allow Matt the crAck head to be on the air 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 He’s a horrible example to our youth Kick Matt out!

    • Indy man from Arizona You would say that ..... there are lawyers and doctors that are homeless and “well spoken” So your message to your kids is “ you can be on crack ... as long as you are well spoken.... FOOL!!!

    • JA dude is actually very well spoken

  • If iverson did that same move ja morant did it would be a carry and a turnover

  • Rachel know she got soem nice tiddies ❤😍👅

  • 1:38 gotem 😂

  • Actually, Wes Unseld won both awards as well. The best No. 2 picks ever were Bill Russell, Jerry West, and Kevin Durant in that order.

  • Crazy to think that no #1 pick in this decade has won MVP or Finals MVP. Shaq, Duncan, and LeBron are the last three. The #2 pick hasn't fared any better. KD is the only one to win both awards ever.

  • dude said blake 😭

  • The best players will end up on the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Heat, and Celtics (for its front office). Maybe Spurs too but not really for location. Clippers ain't leaving. We want those stars too.

  • Ja is going to be amazing but who knows if Memphis will ever win a championship with him? Same with Zion in New Orleans. Small markets like KAT in Minny.

    • Feel bad for KAT especially.....they need HELP in those teams.....

  • Any body noticed not Matt Barnes, but the other analyst; I forgot his name, but he called Aron Gordon from the Magic, Blake I think he was referring or thinking of Blake Griffin.

  • Would it kill Matt Barnes to not wear a hoodie on TV?

  • BI need to go to Brooklyn

  • unless zion comes back in the next 10-15 games , i think he will be eliminated for ROY votes, because he simply hasn't played enough games to qualify.

  • Why ESPN allow Matt the crAck head to be on the air 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 He’s a horrible example to our youth Kick Matt out!

    • J Leww You might one yourself - or you have no kids - Lil Matt smoking crack with his girl Steve online - check it out its on you tube- its only irrelevant when you have no morals or not a real family man - Brah!

    • He doesn't even do crack . Irrelevant comment

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  • 90th comment 🍒🍑😜🙃

  • Did Windy just call himself a little person?

  • Watching that Towns clip made me understand Butlers issue with him man is light skin diva this man is throwing a fit for the ball at the 3pt line because his Point Guard Is playing like a point guard?? I’m confuse lol

    • KAT is money from the 3 point line and he's the superstar of that team....they don't give KAT the ball enough if you ask me

  • Matt Barnes is a fantastic analyst. His podcast is 🔥

  • “Little person..” yeahhh

  • ROTY 100%

  • I was like whose this dweeb talking cuz my phone was facing was matt barnes

  • What is there to be impressed about? Lol it’s the same warriors team before they went on the championship run

  • Ja is gonna be a superstar. I think he's gonna be a top 10/MVP level player once he hits his prime

  • Brian Whidhorst: "I respect it as a LITTLE PERSON" Me: bruh, "Little person?"

  • Now I'm bout to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes

  • I love listening to Matt Barnes talking basketball

  • Ja Morant should be in the conversation for roty

  • That ja morant move was just filthy, kid has some unbelievable skills

  • Chris Paul sent Rudy across town with that fake

  • And I’m not impressed on how shitty Matt Barnes is

  • That’s a carry

  • Now Matt, you won a championship with us ... You KNOW this is NOT the Warriors as currently constructed... Cmon now..

  • Chris Paul plays for the thunder

  • Lolll Kawhi at the beginning

  • Who here saw Austin’s face at 0:41 🤣

  • Ja is gonna be the future of the league Memphis is gonna be great team soon.

  • Jeff Teague is trash

  • 0:34 Brian windhorst ain’t no little person. You can spot him from a mile away

    • Surprised how long it took to find this comment 😃😃

    • came here to say the same

  • REP THE 803!!!

  • We need more barnes

  • Ja Marant has been playing great for a rookie and he's definitely winning Rookie of the year

  • That Ja move‼️‼️‼️🔥

  • I here you Rachel: What it do

  • I can have an impressive performance against the Warriors

    • The Future Is Here chances are you can’t

  • Where is Ja?!?!

  • Ja Morant will win Rookie of the Year.

    • @Keem. Are you just watching the Warriors games only.? Ja Morant leads every Rookie In every category besides Rebounding.

  • Ja Morant is what Larry Brown tried to get Allen Iverson to be.

    • Christopher Isett I don’t make comparisons, history tends to repeat itself w/ subtle differences because nothing is exactly the same so the similarities are already there I just chose to acknowledge them so those who may not be completely familiar w/ Ja Morant game could get some idea of the type of player he is So sports analyst who get paid to study the game of every player can translate their knowledge to the casual 9-5 worker who doesn’t have the time to do their due diligence

    • Christopher Isett 🤔 Prominently reported Larry Brown during his time in Philadelphia wanted AI to be more of a playmaker than the scorer he was , play with a slower pace to his game like Ja because AI teammates wasn’t as athletic as AI was so a slightly slower pace of play could have improved the overall production of his teammates but not necessarily AI which was a trade off AI & Brown often butted heads about Now with that being said, compare both their stats so far from their rookie seasons Ja : 19 pts 6 assist 3 rebs in 28 mins w/ 15 fg atts shooting 46% & 2 3pt atts a game AI: 23 pts 7 assist 4 rebs in 40 mins w/ 20 fg atts shooting 44% & 6 3pt atts a game Comparisons is how you link prior knowledge to present information in which helps you better understand concepts You watch both players in their rookie season they play similarly I believe Ja if he wanted to could play like AI & vice versa Just like the common Steph & Nash comparisons , where Nash would dribble under the rim to create an assist opportunity Steph would run off ball to create a scoring opportunity Steph is a scorer , Nash is a playmaker Both were capable of playing like each other

    • Christopher Isett you completely misunderstood the point. Keyword was “tried... to be”

    • Trey Bens that is a horrible comparison, Iverson was never the playmaker Morant is and no one ever expected him to be and Morant isn’t and will never be the scorer that AI was, just let people play ball u don’t have to have a comparison for every player

  • Espn lazy interns. Description - cp3 doesnt play for the rockets anymore

    • plot twist stefan (og comment) is the intern that wrote that :P

    • Stefan Mutlak good catch

  • Who else feels calmer when Matt Barnes speaks

    • BeatsbyShivam He’s stoned that’s why lol


    • @RESERVES can't argue with that honestly my favorite PG rn

    • @Wuu Gang nooooo cheel lol Iverson is a all time great but he was a NUT/ BALL HUG Ja can be a pure point when he needs to be

    • Trey Chapo Allen iverson 2.0

    • @Trey Chapo Westbrook is a energetic crafty type player, while Ja is a talented team player. Not to mention Ja has the Killer Instinct.

    • @RESERVES if we talking mentality no ja Morant is more of a scorer and dunk on ya head guy like Russ but does more skillfully

  • Ja Morant will be rookie of the year, no debate!

    • Kendrick Nunn been balling too though

    • Jonathan Mubalamata Morant averaging better stats then Herro and Zion playing in 2020 Ja pretty much playing all this season

    • Christopher. we haven’t seen Zion yet. plus tyler herro is averaging 15 on a top seeded team

    • Yes sir

  • Ja Morant is going to be like a more polished Westbrook in the future Future HOF calling it

    • Top Kek ur absolutely right ja’s one of them

    • Too early. Very few players can reach that level of greatness as a point guard...

    • But ja morant can actually shoot

    • @RESERVES i agree more john wall then Westbrook