El Niño 101 | National Geographic

Publicat pe 4 dec. 2015
El Niño is a series of complex weather patterns that occurs every two to seven years. It causes drastic changes in weather that can lead to billions of dollars in damages, high death tolls, and disease. Find out what causes El Niño, how it can affect you, and why it is so hard to predict it.
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El Niño 101 | National Geographic
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  • wow, El Nino is like, not good. I'm watching this for a stupid earth science class oof

  • For Ms Thomas' science class: hey its evan from 1st period. for "What is an "El Nino" weather pattern?" an answer is "A weather pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean. During this pattern, winds cause warm surface water from the equator to move eastwards toward Central and South America." For "What causes it to form?" an answer is "An interaction between the oceans surface layers and undercurrents." For "What changes happen in the United States during an El Nino weather change?" An answer is "The trade winds lessen in power, effecting Central North America, and the west gets warmer." Don't copy this word-for-word because that's cheating. if you do that I'm gonna hold it against you.

  • It brings water to the desert Southwest too. I wouldn't mind elnino every year. You make it seem like it's a terrible thing, and it's not.

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  • why does she talk like that

  • I lived on the east coast and the west coast, Portland to Portland. The water temperature varies by 30deg, but when it varies by a degree in the open oceans along the equatorial belts, we're all doomed to natural disasters... BS!

  • I had to watch dis for a science worksheet in 8th grade.

    • Siddharth Salapaka lol yep, literally using it right now for that 😂

  • This is so dramatic lol

  • we just had this right? we lost alot of water right? am i wrong? pls correct me.

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  • El Niño Can Happen Here In Chicago And Even In Canada Or Elsewhere Like Russia Or Greenland Or Even All Of Europe And Western Asia And Africa In My Region Which Is The Central U.S. The Warm Air Can Lead To More EF 6 Tornadoes Here In My Hometown Of Chicago In Illinois Which A EF 6 Has All Winds Over 319 Miles Per Hour

  • Only a personal view to all those watching this lesson , Why does El Nino happens in 3 years 4 years and so on or random ..........the scientists have not been able to predict these why is so ..... I was watching this one and a question came into my mind that.... Earth is revolving around the same orbital path around the sun then every thing should go around as normal but why in the case of El Nino it is disturbed I was just thinking it might be the positions of other planets around us, it might be because of solar radiation , maybe because of the gravitational pull from the black holes when earth passes close to it while revolving around sun and so on ...many questions were there in my mind .........I expect answers from you all

    • @Siddharth Jha hmmm.......when ever someone has asked a logical question which is beyond the truth/fact( in today's sense)....people say the same words ...as you did .......for you my friend i would say.... don't try imagining and think logically as everyone does .........leave it on us the burden of discovery of laws of nature and so on .....Hope you understood it

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  • Thanks..very informative...

  • formichelli it is pronounced "boy"

  • You are just amazing.. I am preaparing for civil services and it helped me a lot. Thanks for uploading such a beautiful video, however ; its outcome are devastating. 😊😊😊

  • Why you kept talking about the El Niño in the Americas? You don't really talked much about the El Niño in Southeast Asia.

  • the narrator goes to fast for people that is trying to learn

  • Last 2015 -2016..el nino occured..yearend last year..it started again here in philippines

  • There is an El Nino event every year now, we will probably experience an ice free arctic this summer, if that happens...things will change drastically.

  • The narrator has an amazing voice

  • Dumb people: *_EL NIÑO = THE CHILD, OBVIOUSLY_* Smart people: *_El Niño is a nickname for el divino niño_*

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  • Also In Me El Ñino Can Happen In My Location A El Ñino Can Happen From January 1st To June 31st Names Finland

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  • El nino occurs when water vapour rapidly condenses to rain and releases heat to the upper atmosphere causing microbursts of cool air to descend around Indonesia and making the walker circulation (airflow across the pacific) reverse its direction of flow. So-called Madden -Juilan storm oscillations can accelerate the process. The wind moves heat from the sea surface in Indonesia to chile in south America by creating kelvin waves in the sea.

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  • Two minute and fifty second video for which the Australian droughts and bush fires rated less than 5 seconds. Why did you even bother including a map of Australia at all!

  • full of misconceptions

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  • 可以有华文版本的吗? 谢谢你

  • It get's pretty bad in Australia as well you know...

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  • For the people asking why they say "El Niño" means blessed child: It's because the effects of El Niño were felt first in Peru usually close to Christmas time. Since it's a Spanish speaking nation they called it El Niño in reference to Jesus. It was only later discovered that El Niño has much more widespread effects than just in Peru, but the name was kept. It's still wrong to say that it means blessed child, but since this is a summary video they probably rushed some things or whatever and got this part mixed up.

  • If you live in north eastern united states there's literally nothing better than El Nino. There's less winter and not as much severe Nor'easters.

  • Sorry but I MIGHT have plagiarized some parts of this video

  • el nino more like onin le

  • Seria bom se colocassem legendas.

  • El niño= the boy La niña= the girl blessed cause it happens in Dec.

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  • You forgot to mention the true effect of El nino!!! What makes such storms more damaging is the HAAARP facilities!!

  • Blessed child my ass

  • El niño doesn't mean "The blssed child." ROFL. It just means "The Child" or "The Kid."

  • How can we tell the difference between the effects of El Nino and Climate Change? Is there a way?

  • El Niño means boy

  • I thought El Niño is the term for dry and drought weather and La Niña for soaking wet weather. So based on the map you shown, what's going on in Southeast Asia and Australia is El Niño, and in the North and South America it's La Niña. Did I get that right or was I wrong about it.

    • Cayden Johnson so was I haha

    • @Natalie K. I don't know anything about this but yes I think you are correct, I am just here because of a science Project :|

    • tootsie|troll® La Niña is the colder than normal water temperatures and El Niño is the warmer than normal water temperatures, resulting in opposite still on the other side of the.

    • No. It's either El Niño happens on both sides or La Niña happens on both sides.

    • no thats not true

  • and extra much snow in Iceland!!!!!!! jeyyyyjjjj

  • Haha, and here we are in San Diego going "Aw yeah, dude, an El Niño would be sick! We need the rain!" (Which is true). But wow, I didn't know about all the disaster it brings.

    • +Manuel Vazquez Yah, I guess I can't complain. I just think some rain would be nice. My family's Irish, maybe that's why I want it. haha (:

    • Honestly I don't want one to happy I like the weather this past couple of months not hot anymore that much:)

  • el nino is a crock of shit. la nina is too. remember when they tried that in the 90's. el nino means the boy or a boy. wake up america this climate change crap is just an excuse to rob you blind. the epa claims co2 is a pollutant when in fact it is essential to life on earth. stop this scare tactic bullshit weather channel.

  • For people complaining about the name meaning in English, it comes from the fact that El Niño is referencing the Christ Child. El Divino Niño Jesus, or just El Niño for short. That's why they translate it to the Blessed Child.

  • You swear California will have waves of water like that! If it is true, oh I'm ready to surf.

    • Catch those narley waves brah✌🏻

  • a moment of silence for those who don't remember 97's el niño

  • I live in Buffalo NY and it still has not snowed not that I'm complaining but it's because of the el nino this year. This time last year we had already had about 9 feet of snow in some places. So I guess it's not all bad.

  • "El niño" means "the child" and thats it

  • "El niño" means "the child" and thats it

  • A natural force of nature...