Winter Camping in a Snowstorm with My Dog

Publicat pe 17 feb. 2019
I head out into the woods during a snowstorm to camp for the night with my dog. A lot of snow accumulates during the winter storm. Me and my dog have a blast and I also cook up one of my favorite meals over a camp fire.
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Bushcraft Tools
Knife: Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 -
Saw: Agawa Canyon Boreal21 -
Axe: Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe -
Firesteel: Exotac Firerod -
Sleep Gear
Sleeping Pad: Thermarest NeoAir Trekker -
Winter Sleeping Pad: Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm -
Pillow: Nemo Fillo -
Sleeping Bag Liner: Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme -
Tent: Eureka Midori 3 -
Square Tarp: Aquaquest Guide Tarp -
Large Tarp: Kelty Noah’s Tarp -
Camp Comforts
Chair: Helinox One Chair -
Ground Sheet: Helinox Ground Sheet -
Cooking Pan: Primus Campfire Frying Pan -
Great Grate: Coghlans Pack Grill -
Food Prep Knife: Opinel Filet Knife -
Eating Utensil: Light My Fire Titanium Spork -
Water Pot: MSR Alipine Stowaway Pot -
Coffee Filter: MSR Mugmate -
Stove: Trangia 28 -
Seasoning: Montreal Steak Seasoning -
Boots: Muckmaster Muckboots -
Jacket: Carhartt Shoreline Jacket -
Bibs: Carhartt Shoreline Bibs -
Water Filtration
Water Filter: MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter -
Headlamp: Black Diamond Storm -
Camera: Nikon D5500 -
Camera Lens: 18-140mm Nikkor Lens -
Microphone: Rode GO Mic -
Music by: Matthew Posa (Me you silly)


  • Hey guys! Dont forget to hit that like button and share if you enjoyed the video! What do you guys like more, camping in heavy rain or heavy snow?

    • 100 in the desert

    • Snow

    • I've never been in snow, so I would definitely like to try camping with heavy snow :)

    • haven't even finished instant subscribe BUT how the frick did you get the shot @ 2:32 from that high? loved the video. How much of a Hungarian heritage do you have? cause based on the ammount of sour cream and paprika and your name id say both parents are from Hungary. Én is magyar vagyok! Where did you grow up? thank you for the amazing video. i can't imagine the ammount of walking back and forth in sheen high snow setting the camera. can't wait to go watch other videos and go adventuring too.

    • Matthew Posa I’m curious, how much does camping cost for you? I’ve been wanting to go camping like this for a long while now but I don’t know exactly how much I would be spending

  • That isnt fare what are u eating. 🍲 🐶

  • Awesome! Where is he at?

  • Manyakk sen evde sicacik otursana

  • nice dog

  • I'm watching this at 2 am and the food part made me super hungry

  • Mad joe robinet vibes

  • More video like this will definitely grow ur channel faster bro 👍

  • 1:12:40 This is like Aries Kitchen but in the wild xD

  • Love your videos Matt, always nice that you combined camping, cooking, and fun with Monty. Whenyour jacket and gloves are frozen after waking up try put them in your sleeping bag for a few minutes, the residual heat should help a bit

  • Now this is a guy I’d love to be friends with

  • Red Dead 2 type feel

  • I trust my dog more than I trust my friend,

  • It was 96 degrees today..but here this guy is, in beautiful snow with his beautiful dog living life while I ate nothing but cereal and cried all day.

  • Your voice is like Jim Gaffigan and Olan Rogers put together. Lovely video

  • Why does he remind me of chris pratt?

  • Where is this?

  • Bruh I didn’t even notice this was more than an hour I watched the whole damn thing

  • pls marry me

  • Your videos make me want to pack up and start a new life doing this!

  • Omg when he cuddles his dogs I’m in love

  • That was cool adventure, guys!

  • In vids where people are vlogging when they are alone with their dogs, i cannot help but wonder what the dogs are thinking. They probably think their humans are going mad in the head xD

  • love them

  • I hope I meet a man like you to adventure with some day!

  • 53:55 "then we've got sweet Hungarian paprika" It's so good to hear this. From Hungary.

  • *i wonder if grayson dolan has watched this video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • You have to be strong enough to do all the labor. I'd be exhausted by just digging the snow.

  • I have to admit, all of you guys that I watch on here building and camping and exploring with your dogs completely breathes life into me. On days where I am not feeling my greatest or my anxiety is being a straight up asshole, these videos have saved me time and time again. Thank you so much for all the amazing videos and just as amazing (if not more) loyal, gorgeous, adorable doggos!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶

  • Hi can we date

    • Maybe, but you'll have to buy me dinner.

  • Why is this video an hour long?

    • It's not! It's 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

  • Careful of husk and stray

  • Number of times he said ‘Oh yah’ | \/

  • 2 million veiws, congrats montey!!? .

  • This guy says it’s time for dinner in the middle of the woods, makes chicken paprikash from scratch. Me... Spagettio surprise. I feel like I have been cheating myself. LOL. I really enjoyed your video. I had a bad day. This video popped up. Watched start to finish. Thanks for making my day better.

  • Awesome bro 👍👍👌👌

  • Winter Camping in a Snowstorm with My Sven.

  • I ended up making chicken paprikash because of this good.

  • i just realised I watched a 👨 and a 🐕 go ⛺️ in an snowstorm while having a good time. For 1.5 hour, and I can honestly say not even 10 seconds where not worth it. You two deserve the 🌍. Love from the 🇳🇱

  • Saw this video and planned to skip most of it because it was to long. well like every other plan i have Made. IT failed. I watched all. Loved iT !

  • Beautiful camping spot !!!

  • Love the Lassie reference. ❤️

  • if wayne from letterkenny ever laughed....

  • Why don’t you use a regular tent? Also, I didn’t see you or the dog drink any water.

    • I only use tents in bug season for the most part!

  • That dog bowl was small for a big dog. After he played in the snow he needed more food. Where is his water bowl?

    • Love your show....and your dogs 🐕 💜

    • He eats snow. He never drinks the water I give him!

  • Would you say shoveling is more tiresome than having to chop and cut wood for a shelter?

    • Hmm... The cutting is not as tiresome no, but having to find all the right shaped trees and drag them back to camp to cut them up is more work than shoveling. So overall shoveling is simpler and a hair less work. Now building a quinzee that is as large as I like to build them is definitely comparable to the amount of work involved. But a quinzee will provide much better protection than a tree shelter. Unless you are going to return to it and use it multiple times because quinzees shrink.

  • I just love snow.

  • You may consider increasing the food quantity for your partner doggy...not sure if he gets contented

  • Some Comments are really funny,so thanks everyone & I Too love Monty. But Please don’t tell Bliss & Tod!

  • Snow More exciting & interesting’ somehow

  • Awesome video! I love your upbeat attitude. Have a great day!

  • monty gets fake called so often he does not even react anymore

  • you should feed the dog meat

  • Whew that was alot of paprika lol!

  • Ah, made me so happy to see you brought a sleeping bag and blanket for your dog aswell :D see some people just let their dogs sleep without anything covering them. Great video :D

  • Monty with sugar icing😋

  • My dad really loved watching your videos, it was a daily thing for him. He passed away august 5th althought your videos make me sad it helps. Thank you for making him happy!

    • I am sorry to hear that! You are welcome!

  • Oh this was fun- my dogs are special people to. I love this! Luv you Monte! How cool❤️

  • Matthew: i just farted in fear 😂

  • I watched one of felix's minecraft playthrough and somehow recommended this video. Not disappointed, I love this so much