i lost

Publicat pe 17 nov. 2019
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I wanted you to hear this from me.
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  • Hahaha your a joke

  • trash.

  • The world knows you won that fight logan

  • Ksi won less go u stink

  • Logan Paul is week ass KSi beat you up

  • Even if the points get back in his favor,he already lost.Nobody will see him as a winner.If he wants to man up he should take the L and go back to vlogs. EDIT:Nvm

  • the two points was the right call - EVERY BRITISH PERSON EVER

  • You dispointed us :(

  • haha u lost

  • I hate that you lost but i dont think you did lose

  • No one: Logan paul: i like boxing but the rules sucks

  • Lol KSI looked like a spinning Boomerang😂

  • I wasn’t cheering for anyone, Because I am Canadian nor a Logan Paul fan or a KSI fan, But did anyone ask, no

  • Also vote conservative

  • L

  • Logan you fucking lost just accept this

  • Don't be sad bro.. Ur an MAVERICK Ur an savage Go champ😎

  • Ahaha lol what an idiot Like if u agree 😌

  • Tenia que a ver ganado logan, no mames wey

  • Description says:be a maverick -i dont want to be a loser😐

  • Logan Paul:”l don’t feel like I lost.” Also Logan Paul:”I’ll like to send an Appel to the commissioner to give my 2 points back”

  • 12:41 the reason why your a meme

  • Any body notice the 3 people hangin out on the tree

  • But you lost dumb ass

  • You lost just take the L on move on damn

  • Logan why are you such a loser????

  • U lost because u hit on the back of the head but if u didn't u would have won

  • dude took down his appeal vid

  • u hit illegal shots

  • You were in foresum

  • Suck it up cupcake

  • I agree 1000% logan shoulda won

  • The 2 points were 110% deserved not only did you punch him in the back of the head you punched him while he was down after holding his head and hitting him with 2 uppercuts. How you can sit there and say that the 2 points is undeserved. You could’ve been disqualified for it and the ref in the fight is highly respected

  • You should have one tho

  • Funny how all these 11 year old logan fans think they know more about boxing than a professional boxing referee and a panel of professional judges

  • Disappointed his fans smh

  • Nomany how many times you fail always get back up we Mavericks yah yeet savage

  • You’re not a real boxer, you’re a waste of oxygen

  • *i lost* Well no shit

  • when his girl breaks up with him and the interent wants to know why logan will say this 2 them "i sneezed 3 times"